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Basic Engineering

Over two decades  of a multitude of possibilities

With the resources of highly qualified and experienced engineers and internationally proven softwares, our process designs as well as equipment designs are optimized and are most economical bringing maximum benefits to our valued clients. Our ESCC has extensive experience in Basic Engineering (Process Design) for providing services:

  • Preparation of Basic Engineering Packages 

    This is one of the major activities carried out by the ESCC. We have prepared over 150 numbers of Basic Engineering Packages (BEP) based on technology data available from client laboratories / pilot plants, existing plants or from licenser. The designs cover chemical plants, hydrocarbon facilities, pharmaceutical and other process plants etc.

  • De-Bottlenecking / Modernization / Plant Improvements 

    We have studied a number of plants to increase capacities, yields, efficiencies, reduce energy consumption, discharges, downtime and optimize costs. Plant and process efficiency improvements form a major requirement for many clients and is successfully carried out by the ESCC. Identification of appropriate MOCs, improvement of life cycle of plants and equipments, selection of alternate raw materials, packing materials, fuels and utilities with a view to reduce costs and wastage is also carried out regularly plants or from licenser. The designs cover chemical plants, hydrocarbon facilities, pharmaceutical and other process plants etc.

  • Heat Exchanger Design 

    As a part of Basic Engineering, we carry out thermal design of various heat exchangers including single and two phase shell - and - tube heat exchangers, double pipe heat exchanger, air coolers, kettle and thermo siphon reboilers for various applications including petrochemicals complexes, refineries, fertilizers and other chemical industries and these exchangers are in operation. We have designed over 3000 heat exchangers of different complexities for heat transfer optimization, including vibration analysis using HTRI software.

  • Mass Transfer Systems Designs 

    We have carried out process design of continuous and batch distillation columns, strippers, scrubbers, absorbers and extraction columns. Besides using internationally proven D-therm software for experimental vapour - liquid equilibrium data, we also assist clients in generating experimental vapour - liquid equilibrium data using their own laboratory when such needs arise We have designed more than 500 columns and most of these columns are in operation for varied applications. UNISIM R- 443 is used for process simulations extensively.

  • Feasibility Studies 

    We carry out many assignments for preparation of Pre-Feasibility Reports (PFR), Project Cost Reports (DPR), Feasibility Reports (DFR), Bankable Feasibility Reports, for various expansion and new projects as per client needs. The project reports are prepared to +/- 15% or +/- 30% accuracy depending upon the end use by the client.

  • Preparation and Updating of Process Documents 

    For many clients there is a regular requirement to prepare and / or update their existing process documents such as PFDs, P&IDs, Heat & Mass balances, PDS, Instrument data sheets, interlocks and trip logics, general plant & equipment lay outs. This is done to meet statutory requirement as well as carrying out Safety Studies such as HAZOP / HAZID/ HAZAN / SIL / QRA / EMP / PSSR / EMS / Audits etc.

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